What If Breaking Bad Was Made In India?

Breaking Bad has been an epic show – don’t judge a movie by its IMDB rating but something that’s got 9.6 rating from hundreds of thousands of users should be good! – Just the pilot episode should be enough to get one gripped.

Ever wondered which Indian actor would have have played which character?

Here is our list:

1. Walter White : Naseeruddin Shah


cause nobody else can say “mujhe khatra nahi, main hi khatra hoon” better than Naseer-ud-din Shah

2. Jesse Pinkman : Dhanush


cause one has to look innocent, junkie, ruthless & empathy-worthy

3. Skyler White : Tabu


cause aunty…aunty…aunty

4. Walter White Jr. : Darsheel Safary


cause Darsheel would do a better job when saying “Maa aaj khaane main kya bana hai?”


5. Hank Schreder: Rishi Kapoor


cause Rishi Kapoor knows how to party, swear & be hardcore-loyal to his job.

6. Marie Schrader : Konkona Sen


cause..umm…err…she looks like her. Slightly?

7. Gustavo Fring : Irfan Khan


great screen presence & powerful performance delivery is expected out of Gus’s character – Irrfan Khan fits perfectly.

8. Mike : Kamal Hassan


Do your job and do it well – Kamal Hassan has been doing exactly that. For years.

9. Saul Goodman : Paresh Rawal


One has to be cunning, sly, smart & definitely have the gift of gab – who better than Paresh bhai?

10.  Lydia Rodarte-Quayle :  Priyanka Chopra


cause, I’m feeling so exotic (apologies if we’ve reminded you of the horror that was)

11. Jack Welker : Manoj Bajpai


Manoj Bajpai is powerful performer – and his recent GoW act fits him right here for this brutal role.

12. Steve Gomez — Sunil Shetty


There may not be many fans, but Suniel Shetty does the disciplined wala roles very well.


Let us know in the comments below about your favorite breaking bad character or if you think there could be a better fit for the mentioned ones above.

And we should call breaking bad this in India:


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