The Tattiest Ads This World Cup

We’ve seen some great ads this season and while the Star Sports mauka mauka Ad is on the top level(although it too is going a bit pakau off late), here are some absolutely horrific – TATTI ads that have seen the light of the day this World Cup. We wouldn’t want to watch them if someone paid us.

1. Dettol ad

What a chutiyatic jingle. I mean look at it, who the fuck does this – this would be embarrassing if not downright moronic.

and there are bloody variations of it – in a shaadi, at a hospital.

Here’s one of the spoofs by fame comedy channel:


Seriously, what the fuck were they trying on background score. Retro?

It can’t be that YepMe paid for this ad – I suspect a competitor made this. They do have a different version now(without SRK) which is nothing good but a lot better, relatively speaking.

3. Hyundai

What theme, what dialogues and what a mind-fucking soundtrack.

This world cup has been a world cup of stats. So here’s another one – SRK is the actor with the most no. of tatti ads (possibly because of the fact that he has done most number of ads)

4. Nestle superbaby

dafaq, is this supposed to be cute? It is maybe till 20th time after which it is super irritating


5. Sony Bravia

This is the most sarkaari kind of ad from Sony – the soundtrack gets stuck in your head

I guess someone was forced to bring out an ad with world cup theme and he just threw in whatever came into his mids – some colour splashes, some kids and ok, yeah, cricket.


This has been tiring and the list of bad/irritating ads goes on but we’ll spare you now. Enough for today.


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