Out Of The Box Thinking Saves Lives

You’ve got to watch this crazy video from a Manoj Kumar movie. The scene is something like this:

  • Ashok Kumar seems to have had a heart-attack
  • Messenger sent to the doctor returns, unsuccessful – the doctor refused to come, he wanted fees – crazy, right?
  • Manoj Kumar, unperturbed, has an out-of-the-box solution – D.I.Y. doctor-doctor
    1. He has, we kid you not, battery ke cell;
    2. Chota Tape recorder
    3. Azad hind fauj ka geet – jise sun kar pitaji ke dil ka dard door ho jayega

Watching Ashok Kumar do what he does in the scene makes one feel for the kind of script these guys had to act to.

As if the whole storyline of this 4 minute video was not freaky enough, the kaleidoscopic effect is there throughout, only adding to the fuckery of this video.

Ab main theek ho gaya hoon – ab main khud gaaunga aur tum mera saath doge.

This needs more sharing – you never know who may benefit from this great hack.

If you think you have a funnier video, do let us know in the comments!

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