One Tip One Hand, Baby Over And Other Desi Cricket Rules.

India is a nation of Cricket – no arguments there.

But the kids modified the game to suit us and to add a little more spice to it. Here are some peculiar things that we did to our game of cricket as kids:

Surra Ball

The one that just does not bounce off the ground. Very unfair. There were some champs of surra ball too!

ball normal ball surraOne tip One hand

Missed the direct catch? No problem, you get another attempt but no more than one bounce and got to take it with just one hand. Sweet.



No Bhatta bowling

Although the number of bowlers with this defect is too damn high in street cricket. The picture below is for representation purpose only!




Mera balla to meri batting first

Default rule. Unless it is the youngest guy who owns the bat. In which case he’d be bullied.



Direct hit to wall / boundary / society house = OUT

So you got to be careful so as to not hit it too hard. Helps us stay grounded!


No bowling immediately after batting

Equal opportunities, people.


Last man batting (standing)

Yeah, we are not out till the last person is out.


No on-side runs

Or behind the wickets. Yeah, this is tiring when you have a combination of leftys & rightys as batsmen


LBW – what’s that?

seriously. No lbws, man.


Connection run-out

If your foot is touching the wickets(or that brick which is supposed to be wicket) and you catch the ball while batsman is not in the crease, congratulations.


Baby over

Abe iski bahut wide ball ho gayi hain, iska baby over kar do.


Toss – seedha balla ya ulta?

bolo bhai?


Wide ke run hai kya?

soch lo, gadhdhe bowler dono teams main hain.


Try Ball

Just to test the pitch and one more thing…try ball pe baaki ho na ho, run out mana jayega.


Back ke run hai kya?


Winners to bat first



Thoda side ho, wicket nahi dikh raha

It wasn’t allowed to cover the wickets while batting. And the bowler had every right to raise this point.



There are many others that were as per the convenience – bad light, batting kal lena; double batting/common player in case teams had uneven players each side.

Which ones did we miss? In the comments please.

And if you haven’t already, do check out some facts that you may not know about our Cricket Greats.

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MS Dhoni


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