Nothing Much, Just Pictures Of All Prime Ministers’ Swearing-In Ceremony

Here are the pics of all our Prime Ministers till date – on their swearing-in ceremony.

1. First PM of India – Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947, sworn in by Lord Mountbatten

jawaharlal nehru2


2. Jawaharlal Nehru again, being sworn in as Prime Minister after first election on January 26, 1950 by Dr Rajendra Prasad

jawahar lal nehru 1


3. Rajendra Prasad swearing-in Jawaharlal Nehru as PM on April 10, 1962

jawahar lal nehru


4.Gulzarilal Nanda was the Prime Minister of India for two short periods

gulzari lal nanda

After Jawaharlal Nehru’s death and after Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death. On both occasions he served terms for 13 days each.


5. Dr S.Radhakrishnan swearing in Lalbahadur Shastri as 3rd Prime Minister on June 9th 1964.

lal bahadur shashtri



6. Dr S.Radhakrishnan swearing in Indira Gandhi as 4th Prime Minister on January 24, 1966.

Indira gandhi

7. B.D.Jatti swearing in Morarji Desai as 5th Prime Minister on March 24, 1977

morarji desai


8. Chaudhary Charan Singh as 6th Prime Minister on July 28, 1979.

charan singh


9. Giani Zail Singh swearing-in Rajiv Gandhi as 7th Prime Minister on October 31, 1984.

rajiv gandhi


10. R.Venkatraman swearing-in V.P.Singh as 8th Prime Minister on December 2, 1989



11. R.Venkataraman swearing-in Chandra Shekar as 9th Prime Minister on November 10, 1990



12. R.Venkatarama swearing-in P.V.Narasimha Rao as 10th Prime Minister on June 21, 1991.

narsimha rao

13. Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma swearing-in Atal Bihari Vajapayee as 11th Prime Minister on May 16, 1996.


14. Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma swearing-in H.D.Deve Gowda as 12th Prime Minister on June 1, 1996.


15. Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma swearing-in I.K.Gujral as 13th Prime Minister on April 21, 1997



16. K.R.Narayanan swearing in Atal Bihari Vajapayee as Prime Minister on March 19, 1998



17. Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam swearing-in Manmohan Singh as 14th Prime Minister on May 22, 2004



18. Pratibha Patil Shekawat swearing in Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister on May 22, 2009



19. Pranab Mukharjee swearing-in Narendra Modi as 15th Prime Minister on
26th May, 2014





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