Indian TV shows that we just can’t forget

Back in the day when not everyone had a TV, when there was only 1 channel (no prizes for guessing which one). Serials were valued. Some, we just can’t forget. Here is a brief collection of the best from the past

 1. Hum Log: Anything related to Indian TV serials should begin with this classical one. It was the first TV serial, with narration by Ashok Kumar.

hum log


2. Byomkesh Bakshi – The stories in each episode were gripping.  And let’s not compare it with Sherlock Holmes – Byomkesh Bakshi holds a much dearer place in our hearts.

byomkeshbakshi psssst…all, yes all, episodes of it are available on YouTube here – thanks to good guy doordarshan


3. Captain Vyom – The best science fiction serial.


4. Shaktimaan – The superhero


5. Tehkikaat – With Vijay Anand as Sam De Silva, kallu mama as his assistant. Very short-lived but ever remembered serial.



6. Duck tales – ok, a dubbed cartoon series – but it won every 90s kid’s heart in India


7. Tales Spin – Another dubbed cartoon which aired immediately after Duck Tales on Sunday.

TaleSpinHigher for hire, Balloo(Jisme laga hai bada ooo) and its soundtrack are some of the memorable things.

8. Surabhi – A family oriented, culture-endorsing show presented by Siddharth Kak & Renuka Sahane – everyone looked forward to it.

surbhi its soundtrack is memorable indeed. Here here – first 10 seconds are enough to take you back to 90s

9. Ramayan – by Ramanand Sagar – everyone knows Ramanand Sagar Ramayan

Ramayan Arun Govil & Deepika Chikhalia – were never seen as anything else after this – although Deepika ji is also remembered for her nirma ad.

10. Mahabharat – another epic serial, had everyone mark their Sunday morning schedule as busy.

mahabharatMahabharatMain samay hoon…


11. Flop Show – The hysterically sarcastic serial by the great Jaspal Bhatti

Here’s the title track, just for the old days. Did you know that only 10 episodes of this serial were produced? Only 10.

12. Malgudi days – How can this list be without this gem based on R.K. Narayan’s book. Swami would be the most loved child actor in the 80s.

malgudiDays All the episodes of this nostalgic series are available on YouTube. Ta naa naa nana nana naaaaaaaa, ta naa naa nana nana naaaaaaaa.


While the list of great serials is endless, we’ll stop here but not before saying a big thanks to Doordarshan – childhood would not have been the same without these serials.






And yes, we have serials not soaps.

Tell us all the great ones that we missed to mention. In the comments, bitch.



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