A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. These Are Certainly Worth More

Below are some of the rare pictures of the years gone by. Mesmerization, guaranteed.


Launch of Maruti 800 in Bombay (yeah, not Mumbai, Bitch)

maruti 800 Bombay Launch

It went on to become the car of the nation and still rocks.


From cycle to rocket, Kerala, 1968

ISRO scientist

An ISRO scientist carrying nose of a rocket on a cycle. More power to you ISRO, you’ve come a long way.


 The Breathtakingly beautiful Gayatri Devi. Circa 1940

breathtakingly beautiful gayatri devi

Rajmata of Jaipur, one true beauty from India.


Another picture of Gayatri Devi with Queen Elizabeth, 1961

queen elizabeth and gayatri devi 1961



Mahatma Gandhi leaving Jinnah’s house, 1939

gandhi jinnah 1939


And this is Jinnah’s last press conference in India before he left for Pakistan, 1947

jinnah 1947


Indira Gandhi, Pt. Nehru & Charlie Chaplin, 1953

indira gandhi nehur chaplin 1953


And here’s the Great PELE at eden gardens, Calcutta(yeah, not Kolkata, bitch), 1977

pele 1977 calcutta


A women get-together around 1910, Bombay.

women party Bombay


A Young & destined-to-do-great A R Rehman

AR Rehman young

Still winning hearts with his heart touching music, A R Rehman, is a national treasure.


Netaji meeting Hitler, 1941



A wrestler family from Punjab, 1941

wrestler family amritsar 1941

The real Kings of Punjab.


Look who’s getting a haircut.

syed kirmani haircut


Can you guess who this is?

Vijay Mallya

Impatient ones can scroll to the bottom to see who he is!


An old picture of the parliament



Our first PM, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, swimming-time.

Nehru swimming

A few questions on this:  Is he coming out of the pool or going to take a dip. Clothes are off but why’s the cap on! And what’s he doing on his iPhone?


A picture of Taj Mahal during its non-maintenance days, late 1800s

taj mahal late 1800s



Well, if you guessed the picture was of Vijay Mallya , you’re absolutely right!


That’s all for now. Let us know what you think about these pictures & share these if you liked them.

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