66A Gone. Big Win For India. Thanks Shreya.

The Indian Internet has won finally, with Section 66A, ridiculous as it was, being given the boot.

And here’s a interview with Shreya Singhal – the awesome 24 yr old Shreya Singhal – who chose to do something about it rather than just be another commentator.

In short, the act could get any person arrested for upto 3 years if that person sends, by means of a computer resource or a communication device, anything that could be perceived as offensive/annoying. Well hell, that is was annoying. As far as we know its only benefit was for politicians – if someone dare say something against a powerful person, arrest him/her – which is pretty crazy. Good that it’s gone.

Hats off to you Shreya. Here’s the News Laundry interview with her from late 2013


Thanks Shreya – India is proud of you and we need more people like you.

Read more about Shreya Singhal here and about her thoughts here

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