10 Things Indians Do To Look Cool

Let’s admit it, we, Indians, want to look cool at all the time. The things we do, the way we walk, the clothes we wear, its about looking cool for us. We do a lot of things to look cool, here are 10 of them:


1. Start Smoking

We (more than 90% of us) start smoking to look cool in the college/ school. ADMIT IT BITCHES!!



2. Get a girl friend

“Bhai, ab toh usne bhi bana li. Ab toh mujhe bhi banani padegi.”



3. Buy an iPhone

You can’t fuckin’ deny this. Stop lying bitch, and then there are people who buy every bloody model of iPhone.



4. Share pictures of your food

Yeah, let me instagram it before i eat it. Wait, let me post this on FaceBook as well. Tweet bhi banti hai ab toh.



5. Join a gym

‘Yes, everyone is doing it. Let me do this too.’ ‘Mujhe bhi body banani hai ab toh’



6. Listen to Yo Yo Honey Singh

You like him, you hate him, you can not avoid him.



7. Watch the English Premier League (World Cup as well)

“Everyone in my office supports Manchester United, main bhi World Cup dekhunga”



8. Get a tattoo

‘Bhai, tattoo banvaunga, bada hii cool lagta hai”



9. Go to Goa

“Haan bhai, sunburn jaa raha hu main. Tu nahi jaa raha kya? Chutia hai bhai tu.”



10. Go to Leh

Gone are the days when it was a bikers paradise. If you are biker, you would know.



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