Movie Music Launch Mishap

So this really happened. It was supposed to be the music launch of a movie.

Turns out, the technician handling the Audio/Video wanted to have some fun and became a desi katta himself.
During the music launch of an upcoming action flick, a porn clip appeared in between the songs. Although it was for a few seconds, it was enough to embarrass the audience present there.
After a brief brawl between that technician and stars from the movie, who were naturally enraged, it was all back to normal. But scarred, they must’ve been.

btw – what’s that written on the t-shirt of that dude. sex fun?

We’re wondering what kind of fantasy does the technician have. For all you know it could really be an error where the guy mixed business & pleasure.

For all you know, it may just be a PR stunt to gain some attention (full points on that for that)

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